Isla Rosario, Colombia

One of the last holdouts for authenticity in the world we find paradise close to an international tourist destination. This intimate island holds lots more than just tranquil beaches and friendly faces. Rosario islands consist of 80 archipelago just an hour boat ride southwest of Cartagena! This special island is home to some wonderful local…

La Mercado Bazurto – Cartagena, Colombia

South of the main city center you can find the real Cartagena shopping scene for any and all goods imaginable. The mercato Bazurto is an enormous maze of creole foods, fish vendors, produce merchants, knick knack sellers, and all sorts of characters hawking their wares to the locals. The place in intimidating and loud and…

Chocolate Museum – Cartagena

The cocoa museum in Cartagena is a great place to learn all about the history and process of making chocolate.  Although it’s more of a shop of all things cocoa, we stopped in for a visit and scoped out the place to get an idea of the process and to see if it is any…

Castillo de San Filipe de Barajas – Cartagena, Colombia

This impressive battery was the largest in the Americas at its time. Construction began in 1604 and reinforced over the next 200 years with multiple additions to the hill structure this iconic fort was the center of multiple pirate attacks and the point to collect the wealth of treasures from the new world before shipping…

La Puerto Falsa – Bogota, Colombia

This hole in the wall cafe is the most popular spot for a quick bite in the Candelaria downtown. Folks used to sneak out to la puerta falsa to grab a quick snack during long church services at the nearby church. Its charm and energy draws in constant traffic while the tamales and chicken soup…

Monserrate, Colombia

High atop the mountain overlooking the city of Bogota sits the famous cathedral of Montserrat where the faithful make their annual pilgrimage by climbing barefoot, or even on their knees, up to the beautiful cathedral for the daily traditional catholic services. Hiking to the top can be a great way to spend the day, watch…

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Diving and snorkeling on the great barrier reef is unparalleled and simply leaves you breathless with the spectacular wonders and creatures held in these waters. You never know what wonders await you underwater! I was fortunate enough to meet these unforgettable creatures over my 9 dives.

Central – Best Restaurant in Latin America – Lima, Peru

The food tastes as amazing as it looks and truly represents the whole of Peru and all of its offerings at each elevation demonstrating each of the country’s rich culinary bounties on offering in the diverse ecosystems throughout. It is an amazingly unique concept that works so well from the Andes mountains to the pacific coastline the dishes range in flavors colors and techniques highlight the skills of Rogelio and his team. 

Lima, Peru

The Capital city of Peru is a bustling coastal metropolis hugging the coastline for miles and miles.  The surf was perfect the entire week we were there and as you can see from the pictures the surfers are definitely spoiled rotten in Lima!  On this trip we visited mainly Miraflores, The City’s Historical Center, and San Isidro.  We also visited the cliffside boardwalks along the beach and stayed at the wonderful Peru Apart II apartments with an incredible ocean view of the entire coastline in the Miraflores district. The surf was perfect the entire week we were there and as you can see from the pictures the surfers are definitely spoiled rotten in Lima!

Peruvian Ceviche

Ceviche is a staple of coastal Peru. With its Japanese and Spanish heritage the Peruvians put a unique spin on their ceviche and they have mastered the art of raw fish in all forms. The ceviches we tried in Peru were all unique from Cusco to Lima. They like to use soy and lemon and build the dishes using signature staples like corn, chilis, and sweet potatoes in an incredible expression of Asian Peruvian fusion. Peruvians say to never eat ceviche past 2 PM or it’s not fresh.