Lima, Peru

The Capital city of Peru is a bustling coastal metropolis hugging the coastline for miles and miles.  On this trip, we visited mainly Miraflores, The City’s Historical Center, and San Isidro.  We also visited the cliffside boardwalks along the beach and stayed at the wonderful Peru Apart II apartments with an incredible ocean view of the entire coastline in the Miraflores district. The surf was perfect the entire week we were there and as you can see from the pictures the surfers are definitely spoiled rotten in Lima!  20181124_18101520181124_15430320181124_15394020181124_18100620181124_21290020181124_15424720181124_14200420181124_15350520181124_21121120181124_14440020181121_22083120181124_14271720181124_15234820181124_17315320181124_17454520181121_23492620181124_15184820181124_14351620181123_19545020181123_2001511

Try the signature cocktail, Pisco Sours, and try some chocolates at the choco museum and some of the artisanal chocolate shops.

Shop around Chinatown for Christmas costumes and presents, and eat at a few of the  food stalls from the vendors in the markets as you shop for anything and everything imaginable.

Walk the boardwalks along the ocean and try pastries from the pasteria cart vendors.

Eat ceviche and drink incredible cocktails at La Mar for lunch taking in the lively atmosphere.

Stroll the streets of Barranchio and walk around the square at sunset for an awesome evening with some local charm and interesting scenery.

Explore the streets and boardwalks and try some beef hearts on a skewer.

Buy some cocoa at the best chocolate shops and make sure you try the local coffees.

All of the many different neighborhoods are very diverse and hold a lot of interesting sights but some are dangerous and should be avoided, especially at night so be vigilant and plan accordingly. Lima is an eclectic capital city indeed!

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