Travel Tips

Traveling with an open mind and a positive attitude is the most important travel tip.

The second is that you have to Do Your Homework.  Ultimately you get out of a vacation what you put into it.  Every minute of an epic vacation is priceless and you want the most time to spend having fun, minimal time with the hassles.

Winging it is part of the fun, but losing time to getting lost, or just grabbing something to eat quickly at the wrong place on the fly detracts from your destination vacation experience. So spoil yourselves and try planning a bit to maximize the experience for your whole party.  Having learned from many trips, sometimes the hard way, I will help make it easier and show you how here….


  1. Pack light – Generally you are going to a place for a week so do you really need to take everything with you?  Pair down as much as possible. It is called luggage for a reason, you don’t need to lug around 50 lbs of clothes, never to be worn, uphill, through small cobblestone 4 AM.  Just imagine that scenario as you pack for the trip, it helps. Just take 1 change of pants, or shorts, for a week of travel and several undershirts with a few changes of tops. Layers are good for cool mornings and hot afternoons. Minimal toiletries and small weights are ideal considering travel restrictions when flying.
  2. Take and Toss / or Give your clothes away – Taking and tossing older clothes or giving your clothes to people in need at your destination should be considered.  Use the extra space for your souvenirs on the way home and help someone out at the same time.  It just makes sense and is good karma. ( It also forces you to buy new socks and knickers!)
  3. Double Duty – Going to the beach or camping oversees? Can you pack your clothes in a cooler instead of a suitcase? bet you didn’t think of that, did you?
  4. Sunscreen or bug spray? Ear Plugs? Airplane neck pillow? Free downloads, maps,  audio-books and tours of your destination to read on the plane instead of the free movies you can watch on the way home?  Allergy or any other meds? All the small stuff you don’t want to wasting precious time trying to get on trip.
  5. Take your old toothbrush and a travel toothpaste – Throw out the brush upon return or leave it! Travel light!

When Considering your Vacation Destinations;

1. What season is it at your destination? Is that when you want to visit?

2. Consider budgets and compare prices at your destinations as well as transportation           to and from including all ground transportation on tours.

3. Political Tensions –  Are you welcome there? Are you going to have fun, or are you             going to be on guard the whole time? Know your comfort zone and that of your                   travel party. Pay attention to current events and use common sense along with your           better judgment while traveling. There are a lot of places in the world and if you                 have doubts go to the next place on list and double back next time.

4. Crooked police and bribes are common in sme places so be on the lookout. If you run into trouble never underestimate the power of the dollar to grease a few wheels. Just maintain your cool and dont be flashy with the cash. Offer to low and its not gonna work. make sure you dont let a few bucks ruin your vacation. Consider it a tourist tax and move on.