La Mercado Bazurto – Cartagena, Colombia

South of the main city center you can find the real Cartagena shopping scene for any and all goods imaginable. The mercato Bazurto is an enormous maze of creole foods, fish vendors, produce merchants, knick knack sellers, and all sorts of characters hawking their wares to the locals. The place in intimidating and loud and chaotic at first glance. Then you realize that this is the local shopping mall, food court. Barber shop, restaurant row, grocery store and fresh meat and fish markets all in one. Imagine a place before Walmart! Each vendor sells their specific wares instead of a supercenter and it’s an incredibly humbling experience to imbibe. Poverty and capitalism intertwine here to create an aggressive selling environment and a day party overlapping for locals and vendors alike. It’s very interesting and unique and should be visited by any market district enthusiasts as it is one of the best in all I have ever seen in my travels. Go!!

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