Monserrate, Colombia

High atop the mountain overlooking the city of Bogota sits the famous cathedral of Montserrat where the faithful make their annual pilgrimage by climbing barefoot, or even on their knees, up to the beautiful cathedral for the daily traditional catholic services. Hiking to the top can be a great way to spend the day, watch out on weekdays as it may be a potential spot to get into trouble.  Weekends are safe and busy. The views are stunning as you look out onto the enormous cityscape. Monserrate is an excellent escape from the city and a cold, fresh breath of air. Above the chapel sits a market with some good food stalls and souvenir shops. A cafe and a restaurant also sit below the chapel for a more formal or intimate dining experience. We went for the more communal experience and ate with some locals in the stalls. Nothing to write home about per se, but the experience was still especially enjoyable and authentic.

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