Sausage Making – How To


There is nothing more satisfying than learning how the sausage is made, and made well.  Pork sausage is easy to make and has endless varieties depending on your taste and the occasion for making.  Homemade sausages are not that difficult to make, taste 100 times better than store bought, and have better ingredients in them that are controlled by you and added to your taste.  I love making weisswurst, bratwurst, hot Italian sausage, hot chorizo links, and breakfast sausages to name a few.

I tried making a few sausages recently and here is what I learned;

Pro Tip: Make sure the sausage mix is ice cold before beginning.
Ice cold weisswurst mix,extra mace and lemon zest!
Put the casing on after you prime the tube with the ice cold meat.
Start filling the casings evenly pulling off extra every 6 to 8 inches for each sausage.
Fill the casings evenly and steadily keeping a pace and rhythm to avoid uneven sausages!
Pro Tip: Use plastic gloves and gob a bit of fatty meat over the tube to grease it up before threading the casing!
Finished Weisswurst

I find that boiling these in salted water with a squirt of mustard is best. Peel the skin after simmering on medium for about 10 minutes and make sure not to overcook them or the fat with come out.  Enjoy with some spicy horseradish mustard and bread!

Vielen Gluck!

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