Reuben Sandwich – Recipe

The Reuben is the king of the Jewish deli sandwiches. Sharp swiss cheese, mounds of sauerkraut and a tangy 1000 island dressing on rye bread, with the centerpiece of course being the glorious, homemade, peppered pastrami or corned beef brisket. To prepare; 1/3 LB of Fresh Pastrami 2-3 slices of sharp swiss cheese 3-4 Oz…

Homemade Pastrami – Recipe

Nothing beats a great Reuben or a Pastrami and swiss on rye from your favorite NYC deli or the like. Well, we are in luck because it’s that time of year again, and with current events as they are, its not bad to have some meat around with a long shelf life. Typically, I’m used to getting the corn beef at the store during St. Patty’s day some years and all that, but why not kick it up a notch and turn the cut into an amazing pastrami yourself with a few quick and easy steps, and a few extra spices. Here is how I make a pastrami at home for under $4 bucks a pound.


In a mixing bowl add the flour and salt and mix to combine
Pour the hot liquid into the flour and mix together with a fork taking care adding the egg once the mixture is cool enough not to scramble. Bring together and cover with a towel to keep dough moist while you prepare the fillings. The dough will be needed after resting.
Potato cheese

2 russet potatoes

1 small onion minced

1 T butter

1/3 lb cheddar, american, or cheese of choice

3 pinches Peppery Karlozy spice mix

Salt and pepper to taste

Boil the russets in a pot and caramelize the onion in the butter until golden brown. Set aside to cool
Cut the cheese into small cubes and add to a mixing bowl.
Pierce the potatoes to test doneness and once fully cooked

Pisco Sour – Recipe

1 Egg White

2.5 to 3 oz Pisco Capel

Juice of 1 lime

1 oz simple syrup

Bitters 2-3 dashes

Martini glass


Langoustine Bisque – Recipe

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Seafood Stock – Recipe

This is a basic seafood stock to be used in recipes like bisque and seafood soups, rice and pasta dishes, as needed.  Take your scrap fish and shellfish heads, tails, and shells and make stock.  Freeze and use some for later when you need a hearty stock while you are making the effort.  I use…

Creamy Pecan Pesto – Recipe

Pesto is a wonderful fresh herb sauce from the coast of Italy in Genoa in Liguria.  There the Genoans live on steep Pine hillsides with lots of herbs growing but little else historically.  The fishermen sold most of their catch to nearby towns for a living and were left with little else. Using the best…

Bruschetta -Recipe

Bruschetta is a great summer appetizer or even a meal in itself. With fresh, homegrown tomatoes it tastes like the sweet sunset in Tuscany.  Its fast, easy, and refreshing so try it like this.   First, the ingredients are key in this dish. Simple, high quality ingredients make a great bruschetta.  You only get so…

Pasta Villa – Recipe

This rich comfort food is a crowd pleaser, Creamy, garlicky, ham and pea pleasure.  This quick recipe is basically an alfredo with ham and peas and takes about 10 minutes to make. Feel free to use your noodle of choice.  This time, because of the fun tubular shape, I chose garganelli, or squirrely noodles, as…