Truffles – Recipe

Truffles are a decadent treat that take time and patience. They are easy to make, but very difficult to master. This recipe makes 2 types and uses the chocolate efficiently.  Here’s how….


1 Bar dark chocolate, 52% or darker, 70-88% cocoa is preferred

1/4 C Cream

6 oz milk chocolate of your choice

About 1/4 C Cocoa Powder

In a bowl break up the dark chocolate and place in microwave oven


Set for 35 seconds and stir the chocolate until melted adding 20 seconds as needed then 10. do not overheat your chocolate, just let it melt slowly and evenly. let the chocolate rest and continue melting for a minute.


Add in about 1/4 C cream and stir until evenly incorporated making what we will now call fondant.



Cover the fondant with plastic wrap and let rest for about 8 to 12 hours, or overnight

Place your chocolate fondant in the refrigerator for 30 minutes

Pour some cocoa on a plate or in a bowl and set aside for dropping the truffles into later

Melt your milk chocolate in a bowl starting with 30 second increment and then 20 making sure Not to overheat, stir to melt, be patient. take the time

Remove fondant from the fridge

Moving quickly use a 1/2 t and 1 t measure to form your fondant into small truffle shapes not worrying about perfect ball shapes.  Just drop them into the milk chocolate quickly rolling them around and then dropping them on a sheet of waxed paper to set up.

Work quickly before the cool fondant hardens the warm milk chocolate, as thin layers are desired to keep the truffles delicate.  As you run out of milk chocolate do not despair, just roll the mix around as much as possible until no more chocolate remains in the dish. Drop each on the wax paper to cool and now you are left with only fondant and your cocoa powder.


With the remaining fondant use the smaller 1/2 teaspoons to create more truffles and drop them in the cocoa powder, shake around to coat them and then drop the truffles on the wax paper until all of the fondant is used. Now you have 2 types of chocolate truffles that are rich, simple, and cure all chocolate truffle desires!20180626_132505


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