In a mixing bowl add the flour and salt and mix to combine
Pour the hot liquid into the flour and mix together with a fork taking care adding the egg once the mixture is cool enough not to scramble. Bring together and cover with a towel to keep dough moist while you prepare the fillings. The dough will be needed after resting.
Potato cheese

2 russet potatoes

1 small onion minced

1 T butter

1/3 lb cheddar, american, or cheese of choice

3 pinches Peppery Karlozy spice mix

Salt and pepper to taste

Boil the russets in a pot and caramelize the onion in the butter until golden brown. Set aside to cool
Cut the cheese into small cubes and add to a mixing bowl.
Pierce the potatoes to test doneness and once fully cooked

Truffles – Recipe

Truffles are a decadent treat that take time and patience. They are easy to make, but very difficult to master. This recipe makes 2 types and uses the chocolate efficiently.  Here’s how…. 1 Bar dark chocolate, 52% or darker, 70-88% cocoa is preferred 1/4 C Cream 6 oz milk chocolate of your choice About 1/4…

Chocolateria San Gines – Churros & Hot Chocolate Madrid

To Madrilenas churros and chocolate in the evening are akin to donuts and coffee in the morning. Chocolateria San Gines has been famous for making the best since 1894.  Dipping these crispy, hot churros into the warm, melted chocolate makes a perfect combination of sweet, hot and crunchy! Absolutely spectacular for chocoholics! Open into the late…