Berlin Beirgartens

Beer gardens are to Berlin what tires are to cars, essential to smooth daily commuting.  Beer gardens make a special space outdoors under giant chestnut trees providing maximum shade as you drink some of the most incredible beers in Germany.  These brewers are held to the strict Purity in Bier Law insisting that the brews only consist of water, grain and yeast. Each neighborhood has a great beer hall.

Notable Beer Gardens include;

Paulaner – This garden sits on the Spree river with an awesome view and a relaxed ope air atmosphere in good weather.  They have an excellent beerhall inside also.

HofbrauHaus – Located just north of the main metro station mall the Hofbrau always offers an excellent authentic German experience and can get pretty festive on nights and most weekends. Tourists ad locals alike can toast and cheer to live polka and contemporary bands as they sample the wares.

Löwenbräu am Gendarmenmarkt – Taps a fresh wooden barrel at 6 pm every evening! I recommend getting a beer or 2 especially if you never tried a fresh lager beer straight out of the barrel.  Its centrally located just south of the Spree and has a smaller 1/4 city block imprint in the center overlooking the Gendarmenmarkt concert house and churches.


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