Buddy Bears Berlin

These bears can be seen all over the city and represent auctions that benefit various foundations for children around Berlin and the region since 2001.  Check out Buddy Bears Berlin for more information.

Cao Cao – Berlin Vietnamese Lunch *****

Cao Cao – Charlottenburg Berlin – Brilliantly named its Charlottenburg district restaurant in the namesake of a Chinese warlord and the penultimate Chancellor of the Eastern Han dynasty who rose to great power in the final years of the dynasty. Like him they successfully slay these Vietnamese classics and consistently express the flair and authenticity each…

Berlin Beirgartens

Beer gardens are to Berlin what tires are to cars, essential to smooth daily commuting.  Beer gardens make a special space outdoors under giant chestnut trees providing maximum shade as you drink some of the most incredible beers in Germany.  These brewers are held to the strict Purity in Bier Law insisting that the brews…

Berlin – City of Architecture

As far as cutting edge architecture is concerned, Berlin is full of iconic buildings on display that entertain the eye and challenge contemporaries to push boundaries. This city is unlike most others in Germany because after it was completely destroyed in WWII and  then impacted further by the rise and fall of the wall separating…

Berlin Street Art Scene

An eclectic mix of international street artists make Berlin their canvas in various forms and styles. Some artists have adapted to making massed produced copies and pasting them up so that fans can collect the pieces by sponging off and pressing the peeled off graphic between sheets of paper to dry intact.