Krakow, Poland

Krakow is often overlooked by most tourists and that a real shame as the city is bursting with serious history, great mix of eclectic food, wonderful people, fine art and shopping opportunities. Krakow also has an amazing Christmas market and is home to one of the most beloved Popes of all time, John Paul the Second. Krakow is also a home to the y Schindler factory and nearby the famous salt mines of Wielicksa where they have some amazing underground cathedrals and meeting halls that literally carved entirely out of the salt!  We walked the Jewish quarter, Schindler’s factory, Christmas markets in the old town square, and the produce markets just outside of the old town on our visit to the city of dragons.  We also visited Auschwitz and Burkenau labor camps and the Wielicksa salt mines on a day trip…

Oscar Schindler’s Enamel Factory – Krakow

Schindler’s factory gives you an interesting perspective of the daily lives of the Jewish workers who were saved by working at the factory.  Schindler used his personality and business skills to obtain the factory and its laborers from the occupied city.  After witnessing the atrocities and the turning of the tide of the war efforts Schindler famously used the factory to employ as many workers as possible in efforts to save as many lives as he could.  He spent most of his ill gotten gains in bribes in a last minute attempt to save as many people as he could before fleeing to South America, where he would eventually die a bankrupt businessman.  The factory is interesting to tour and more a museum with a tour guide snaking…

Christmas Markets – Krakow, Poland

Krakow has one of the best Christmas markets in all of Europe. This is in part because they happen to have the largest mid-eval main square in Europe, and because its popular with tourists. They remain open for months instead of just the typical weeks leading up to the holiday. And Krakow doesn’t skimp on the decorations either!

Mausoleum of Struggle & Martyrdom – Warsaw

Mausoleum of Struggle & Martyrdom is one of the many places the Gestapo interrogated, tortured, and murdered.  It is a free exhibit, just 2 hallways, and by far one of the most enlightening, moving, fascinating, devastating, and underrated (I was the only one there) sites I visited in Warsaw. That evening I remember feeling I was in a dark place…but

Castillo de San Filipe de Barajas – Cartagena, Colombia

This impressive battery was the largest in the Americas at its time. Construction began in 1604 and reinforced over the next 200 years with multiple additions to the hill structure this iconic fort was the center of multiple pirate attacks and the point to collect the wealth of treasures from the new world before shipping…

Bogota, Colombia

Mountains, gold, emeralds, art, architecture, colorful hillside barrios full of Chicha bars and salsa clubs, Bogota is thriving today in this bustling capital city. You feel the altitude as you climb the hillside streets, it sucks your energy but the excitement staves off the exhaustion. People are everywhere, they grind, hustle and bustle to sell…

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Diving and snorkeling on the great barrier reef is unparalleled and simply leaves you breathless with the spectacular wonders and creatures held in these waters. You never know what wonders await you underwater! I was fortunate enough to meet these unforgettable creatures over my 9 dives.

Central – Best Restaurant in Latin America – Lima, Peru

The food tastes as amazing as it looks and truly represents the whole of Peru and all of its offerings at each elevation demonstrating each of the country’s rich culinary bounties on offering in the diverse ecosystems throughout. It is an amazingly unique concept that works so well from the Andes mountains to the pacific coastline the dishes range in flavors colors and techniques highlight the skills of Rogelio and his team. 

Cusco’s Mercado San Pedro

One of the best places to be on just about any day of the week in Cusco is the Mercado San Pedro.  Here they offer every type of food you can imagine from Amazonian fruits and veggies to fresh meats and seafoods to baked goods and everything in between.  The market was design by none…