Krakow, Poland

Centered by the largest mid evil main town square with its wide boulevards and such charming architectural styles, this city is among the most enchanting in all of Europe. Krakow is often overlooked by most tourists and that a real shame as the city is bursting with serious history, great mix of eclectic food, wonderful people, fine art and shopping opportunities. Krakow also has an amazing Christmas market and is home to one of the most beloved Popes of all time, John Paul the Second. Krakow is also a home to the Oscar Schindler enamel factory and nearby the famous salt mines of Wielicksa where they have some amazing underground cathedrals and meeting halls that literally carved entirely out of the salt!  We walked the Jewish quarter, toured Oscar Schindler’s factory, explored the Christmas markets in the old town square, and tasted the produce market goods just outside of the old town on our visit to the city of dragons.  We also visited Auschwitz and Burkenau labor camps and the Wielicksa salt mines on a day trip.