Diamond Beach, Iceland

Crystal clear hunks of glacial debris washing up on the jet black sands of Diamond Beach is undoubtedly one of the world’s most stunning sights.  Driving up from Vik and past the Skaftafell glacier you pass the Glacier Lagoon Jokulsarlon, and Ice Bay where you come upon a steel bridge with a large parking area to the right along the coast. Park there and walk out to the beach to the ice formations along the shoreline.


Watching the endless shapes on the beach never gets old and is worth spending a solid hour taking pictures and admiring the sights. make sure you walk up the beach for a few hundred yards to get some great angles and play with the light until you get the ideal pictures that capture the clarity and contrast of the ice on the shore.  When you finish taking pictures cross the bridge and park in the parking lot to snack on Carl’s fresh fish and chips at Nailed it and watch the seals play in the inslet as you admire the icebergs floating at the base of the glacier.

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