Jokulsarlon, Iceland’s Glacier Bay

Striking shades of blues, greys and whites streak across wide layers of ice formed by ages of precipitation and centuries of snowfall compressed into the Skaftafell Glacier forcing the weight of the ice to creep and flow down toward the Atlantic sea. The incredible power of  nature is demonstrated in Jokulsarlon bay as you see school bus sized chunks of ice sheer off the side of a glacier and float in the bay like a rubber ducky in a bath tub.   Over time the ice breaks off into the bay returning to the water starting another cycle lasting hundreds of years, at least we hope. Inspiring views are to be had walking the ring around the bay and wondering at the scope of the Glacier and the new icebergs afloat. Cold fresh air feels great on your face as you breath in the sight! After spending a solid hour hiking around the half moon shaped bay getting different angles of pictures we head back up the trail and out to Reynisfjara Beach to see the waves pound the ice into  diamond shapes only a few minutes away.

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