Skaftafell, Glacier Iceland

Skaftafell is the islands largest glacier and sits over the middle of the south coast to the north Hof and all the way up and over to drip down toward the top of Hofn. It’s breathtaking and refreshing and unparalleled in its magnitude. If you visit Iceland you must climb Skaftafell! In Mid September we set out for a 6 hour climb and it was unforgettable. Our guides Vincenzo and Katerina took us up the mountain of ice showing us how to ascend the glacier safely. We learned about the impacts of global warming and saw how fast the ice was melting on the face of the glacier.  Just a few days before we arrived this ice cave entrance collapsed. We walk around and up through the center of the ice flow in our crampons until we were at the climbing points making sure to avoid any fissures along the way.


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