Iceland’s Stunning South Coast

Iceland is as intense and beautiful as it is rugged and volcanic. The impressive landscapes evolve dynamically across the island of fire and ice in an ever stunning adventure of geological wonder. Geysers erupt, exploded volcanoes produce kaleidoscopic crater lakes and magmic wastelands. Glaciers grind across the center of the island flowing down to the Atlantic sea. Tectonic plates pull apart making riffs across large swaths of an ancient meeting point for the islands democratic justice   Mountains and volcanoes strut out of the distance producing amazing waterfalls that flow into river and streams down through the valleys, over the grasslands and between ancient lava wastelands. Icebergs float in lagoons made from glacial melts and ice washes up on jet black beaches in purely clear diamond like chunks.  An enormous amount of the islands sights can be seen between Reykjavik and Hofn. We took 5 days and four nights to explore the route along the coast, stopping along the way at every sight! It was even more unbelievable than the pictures do it justice. We broke the trip up with a golden circle day, a vik day a glacier day and a hofn to reykjavik driving day to spend the evening in the city


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