Hue Cuisine – Vietnamese Regional

Hue cuisine was started in the Nguyen dynasty when the emperor insisted on having hand picked chefs brought to the city to prepare new dishes that would be separate from the general population. they created a new haute cuisine of sumptuous, rice based dishes for the royalty and affluent society in Hue.  The dynasty refined the cuisine and the entire food culture of the region further by emphasizing perfect dishes with the right balancing of flavors and presentation, focusing on geometric design and colors.  As if this was not enough, an elaborate table service of 50 small courses served by 50 different servers came to be expected and thus an amazing and unique cuisine was born.


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  3. Hiya, Thank you for the excellent awesome recipe, It is nice to find easy to follow like this one on your website. I enjoy baking tart and sweet chutneys for my partner in the winter months and ice cream in the summer months.


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    Hello, Thank you for the lovely food recipe, It is nice to find gems like this one on the web. I enjoy making bread and hot chutneys for my father in winter and ice cream in lovely hot summer days.


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      Thats awesome, I need to follow you for some great chutney recipes and the like, I love Indian and Asian cuisine! Bon Appetite!


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      Thanks for your support and kind words Jacinta, appreciated!


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