Mekong River Delta, Vietnam

The beauty of the Mekong river delta and the small tributaries leading upstream are unrivaled.  Reminiscent of the film Apocalypse Now, only with better food and without the strife. You always end up on some sort of boat and it seems that anything can jump out of the brush at any given time.  Usually nothing does, save for the occasional friendly farmer or a local villager.  Visiting these remote villages it is quite surprising to see how resourceful and ingenious the Vietnamese are when it comes to stretching resources. I saw them make at least 100 different things with just rice and honey alone! It should also be noted these are some of the nicest and most hospitable people on Earth!


The farms produced fresh shrimps and fish. They also keep bees for honey and to pollinate all of their crops.  A lot of awesome produce is gathered locally like bananas, oranges, pineapples and coconuts. Small vegetable gardens produce a staggering amount of produce in the tropical climate and rich delta soils.

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