Spanish Tortilla – Recipe

This fun and tasty dish confuses most of us because when we hear tortilla we don’t usually think about eggs and potatoes, but Spanish Tortilla is found almost everywhere at all times in Spain, not just breakfast.  The Spanish enjoy eating the tortilla all day long and sometimes use it as tapas.  I still think its a great brunch item and fix it like this;


1 Potato – Washed, dried and roughly chopped into small pieces from pea to Lego size

5 eggs

1 Onion – sliced

2 T Butter or oil

Fryer  Olive Oil


Salt and pepper to taste


Heat the oil to about 360, or med high until it begins to smoke very, very slightly. Quickly reduce heat a few notches and add the potatoes frying in the oil until golden brown, about 3 minutes or so.

drain and season with salt and pepper

In a large omelette pan add the onions and caramelize with some of the fryer olive oil for about 5 to 7 minutes and remove from the pan.


Add the potatoes to the pan evenly and keep the heat up to a medium high

Beat the eggs vigorously incorporating air. add salt and pepper to the eggs and pour them over the potatoes making an Omelette. keep pulling up the cooked egg from edges vin a clockwise motion, then open the center to allow the raw egg to flow under the cooked egg so all the egg cooks evenly before drying out and browning. do this until you think that the omelette is exactly 68.6374% done cooking.

*Now for the tricky part that requires technique and experience, you will get better over time at flipping the omelette over, my first time was catastrophe so don’t worry, it still tastes great!


Do not stir or touch the pan, reduce the heat to medium and get a larger pan or a similar sized pan.

In 1 fast swooping motion, use momentum and gravity to flip the omelette over and place it back on the heat to finish cooking the top, now bottom of the tortilla.

Now you have the option to fully cook the omelette or flip it onto a plate and serve it 90 to 95 percent cooked as some do in Spain. I usually fully cook it.

Add the caramelized onions to the top o f the omelette

cut like a pie into wedges and serve.






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