Bavarian Sauerkraut

This dish is a German staple and goes with everything you could imagine, especially if its a potato or sausage.  Bavarian sauerkraut may sound like a complex dish but with a handful of cabinet staples and a few minutes time you can whip up a batch for the gang and eat like a baron.  Its really easy too!


Start with a can or jar of sour kraut

1 Apple – peeled whole in water

1 Potato – peeled whole in water

1 or 2 t salt to taste

1 -2 t caraway seeds

5-6 juniper berries – optional

Bacon – Lardons Fried ad drained or ham scraps (optional)

On a stove top on medium heat add the sourkraut to the pot.  Grate the apple and potato into the pot as it cooks add salt and caraway seeds.  allow the kraut to cook down for about 15 to 20 minutes until all the potato and apple are fully cooked.  Add the ham scarps or bacon lardons if using.  Season to taste.  Some bavarians use a pinch of sugar depending on taste





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