Preserved Lemons – Recipe

Preserved lemons are common in Moroccan cuisine and in the nomadic culture of the Sahara.  They are amazing, let me show you why!  Preserved lemons bring out the natural flavor of the ingredient being used and the salt curing the lemon kind of removes the citric notes of the lemon to make act as more of a brightener than an acid. You have to try it to believe it but after you do its all over from there on out. oh, and they are simple to make, they just take lemon, large grain sea salt and time!20180619_221856


I cut about 3 or 4 lemons three quarters way down and give a light squeeze into a bowl to remove excess juice, then turn the lemon around and rotate it 90 degrees before cutting it again three quarters of the way through.  Pour your lemon juice into a glass and reserve it for another dish, or freeze it for later use.  Now take your lemons and a tall glass jar and some salt. Pour some salt into the base of the jar and stuff the lemons with the salt as much as possible.  Bury the lemons in the salt and pile them up against each other in the jar. cover them all with more salt and cover the jar with plastic wrap or non corrosive material, (believe me). Now wait about 3 to 4 weeks and watch them occasionally to make sure that they remain submerged and curing with as much salt as possible, liquids will appear and the lemons will lose their brightness in color as it transforms into the brightness of taste!

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