Tchorek Plaques – Warsaw

Walking around Warsaw it’s impossible to miss Tchorek Plaques. Named for the sculptor who designed them, Karol Tchorek, they memorialize places of mass executions during German occupation. More than 200 are scattered throughout and say “MIEJSCE UŚWIĘCONE KRWIĄ POLAKÓW POLEGŁYCH ZA WOLNOŚĆ OJCZYZNY”, translation “this place is sanctified by the blood of Poles fighting for the freedom of their homeland”.

The bottom section provides details of what occurred. “TU 14 GRUDNIA 1943 HITLEROWCY ROZSTRZELALI 130 POLAKOW” means on “On December 14, 1943, the Nazis shot 130 Poles” at this spot.

It is humbling to see, and easy to miss as a tourist obliviously walking along, not really noticing what tragic events took place around the corner from where I grabbed a morning coffee. This was truly eye opening!

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