Praga Street Art – Warsaw


For a glimpse of what Warsaw looked like pre-WWII, head across the Vistula River to the suburb of Praga. Virtually untouched by WWII destruction, Praga is considered a more authentic, original, albeit more rundown, version of Warsaw. It’s grittier and equated to “Berlin in the 1990’s”. Visit soon though – gentrification has slowly but surely commenced.

Praga is known for street art. Artistic renderings among dilapidated buildings are concentrated throughout the streets of Ul. Rowna, Stalowa, Strzelecka, and Srodkowa.

Also considered the “Hollywood of Warsaw”, a number of movies have been filmed in Praga, most notably, “The Pianist.” Specific filming locations include Ul. Mala and Stalowa.

All and all, Praga is worth a long afternoon visit. The Cathedral of St Mary Magdalene and St. Florians Church are also picture worthy.


Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene in Praga
St. Florians Church (formally known as Cathedral of St. Michael) in Praga
St. Florians Church (formally known as Cathedral of St. Michael) in Praga
Bridge crossing Vistula River into Praga

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