La Cevicheria – Cartagena, Colombia

Opened in 2001 and famously visited by Anthony Bourdain, La Cevicheria has become one of the most popular restaurants in Cartagena. The ceviches are unique and interesting, as expected, and the scene is light, airy and very fresh in this cute, little ceviche cafe. We tried the Peruvian ceviche, Colombian ceviche and a shrimp cocktail to get a feel for their breadth of expertise. It was unique and enjoyable, albeit relatively expensive for this pirate town. We recommend dining inside to avoid persistent vender annoyances and the street spectacle which is constant nowaday outside the restaurant. Also, I see a lot of people ordering newly expanded upon menu items with dishes that make no sense here and then get disappointed that they are just ok. The place is called La Cevicheria, so order the ceviches!

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