Seljavellir – Iceland’s Secret Thermal Springs

Icelanders love their natural hot springs and have been bathing out in the thermal springs for hundreds of years.  Taking advantage of the year long warm waters the Icelanders socialize out in the warm pools as a national pastime.  Many great places to enjoy the springs are all over the island. The Blue Lagoon is a nice place with all the amenities but its expensive and takes a lot of time to get your value.  On the other hand try hiking to a more natural spring and get a more natural experience at Seljavellir on your South Coast tour.

Seljavellir’s natural, mossy bottom pool is built into the side of a mountain about 10 minutes hike up a valley through a streambed with some stepping stones. Only a few others visit when you go and it seems relatively uncrowded and a downright unique experience you have got to try when driving through to vik along the south coast.

The spring-filled pool is warmish and fed by a fresh stream of thermal spring water that makes it unevenly warm to cool throughout.  We visited the medium sized pool built into the mountainside along the riverbed in mid september and stayed about a half hour with only a few other groups to share the time with and relax in the mossy green waters before heading out refreshed and onto the next sight. Its about a 10 minute walk from the nearest parking area and has a dirty changing area but I recommend changing before you go the spring and taking a towel and something to throw on over your swimsuit.  Sandals are great for the walk too!


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