Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Just off the coast of Cancun, Mexico, the ‘Island of Women’ is a tranquil, tropical paradise with a serene, shallow swath of ankle deep, crystal clear water as far as you want to walk and as far as the eye can see on the western side. Strolling through the tiny town takes you through restaurants, souvenir ships, mixed in with a local town of the expected wares and supply stores. Rocky deep waters pound the eastern shores of the long stretch of this isolated island. I just love the Caribbean feel and Old Mexico vibes this island offers. And driving golf cart everywhere makes the experience more fun! Take the ferry from Puerto Juarez every half hour and stay for a day to check out the beach and cart around the island for a fun day trip from Cancun

When visiting the Yucatan its always fun to stop in Isla Mujeres for a day, or stay a few nights.  We stayed on Playa Norte this time and had an awesome time on the beach.  Cabanas Maria Del Mar was an excellent budget option and I highly recommend it, unless you want the all inclusive MIA hotel at the top of the island at double the price. Both are still affordable, and both great options, so take your pick.  This time we went budget and never looked back.



2 blocks away from Maria Del mar is the local mercado Isla norte, and directly in front of the mercado is the loncheria plaza of 4 family run breakfast/ lunch cafes serving up the best food on the island at the most affordable prices around.  Dishes are around 2 or 3 dollars and all taste amazing.  I argue that there is no reason to dine out at a fancy restaurant on isla Mujeres as the other available options are much cheaper and, to me, taste more authentic.  We stopped at every empanada stand, taco vendor, and torta table we found.  Every one of them was above average and under 5 bucks a stop. Most tacos are about $1 or less and come in all varieties.



Rent a golf cart and explore the island! it is so much fun. We went the whole way down to Play Sur and Playa Castile and spent an afternoon in the refreshing crystal clear water that was cooler with seagrass and sand bottoms .  Playa Sur felt semi private, had nice views of the mainland, and was a great change from the crowded playa nortes gentle shallow warm waters and sandy bottoms.20180722_162741


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