Loire Valley, France – Chateaux Tour

One of the most impressive landscapes in the world can be found in the Loire valley in France.  This region boasts over 100 estates and many offer tours of the chateaux and extensive gardens that impress the even the most urban of tourist.  It is worth a week to follow the valley down from Paris to visit the region in sections.  I suggest making 2 to 3 home bases during your stay to avoid long drives and repeat loops.


Image result for loire valley

My top picks are Chinon and Bloise or nearby for each town.  Add Angers or Nantes if you plan on spending more than 6 nights in the region. The Loire takes time to understand and appreciate.  Stroll the castle grounds, maybe visit a vineyard along the drive. Stop at the local farmers market and grab a picnic lunch of french cheese, breads, and produce.  Explore a mushroom cave?  Why not?  After exploring a few chateaux have a stroll and grab dinner in the village with a sampling of the amazing local wines! Just don’t rush it! It takes an average of 2 to 4 hours to explore each chateaux properly.


Some of the best chataux I would recommend visiting are as follows;




Chamont Sur Mar







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