Tomatilla Salsa Verde – Recipe

Salsa is a staple on the Mexican table. In the Yucatan its Salsa Verde. Its a tangy, spicy sour and sweet salsa that hits the spot. Here is how you make it…


6 Tomatillas – Take a towel and get the wax and papery stems off, wash them thoroughly

1 white onion or 2 traditional Spanish onions with about half of the green stem left on it – peeled, rinsed, quartered and chopped once more

1 jalapeno – cored and seeded, (can substitute a chili or Serrano of choice).

In a pot, cover the tomatillas, onion and pepper with some water and boil until softened.


In a blender add the boiled tomatillas, onions and jalapeno and pulse roughly with some of the water;

Pour the liquid back into the pot and cook it until it reduces into a desired consistency.

Pour it all back into the blender and cool it.


Add a small bunch of rough chopped cilantro, (or just throw it in if no one is looking)

Lime Juice – 3 or 5 limes depending on the size and juiciness of the limes, don’t worry to be exact. start with 2 and and add as you go.

Add a splash of white vinegar in addition to a lime and then add more lime juice from there to taste.

Add salt


Pulse the ingredients until smooth and add more salt and lime juice to taste.

Finally, pour your salsa into serving bowls and use with chips and all of your favorite dishes.


*Tip – the heat of peppers are inconsistent, so you may need to tweak the amount used with each batch. Some peppers are way hotter than others and it effects the salsa, so taste as you go! I usually use jalapenos or a serrano pepper if someone really wants the heat. Enjoy!

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  1. some genuinely interesting info , well written and broadly speaking user genial.


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