La Parrilla, Restaurant – Spotlight Cancun, Mexico


La Parrilla has been dishing out the best local cuisine in Cancun since 1975 and has aged like fine wine, now with 3 restaurants in town!  I have been coming to the downtown location for years and it’s amazing every time.  La Parrilla is a Cancun Facet that has great local atmosphere and authentic, homemade Maya-Mexican cuisine.  Located centrally in downtown, its a short walk from where the local buses drop you off from the Hotel Zone.  Come for the weekend lunch buffet and try their mole and all of the dishes on offer. Its extensive and the atmosphere is awesome.  La Parrilla Cancun does not disappoint! I would say this is the best meal in Cancun and want you to tell me you found something better, so let me know or else this one is Cancun’s finest in my book!

Today, among other dishes, we savoured their mole poblano with fresh tortillas and all was incredible, hints of spice, nuts, warmth almost chocolate notes! This is the authentic Mexican flavor we sought out for you to to try among all other options.  Try it for yourself and let me know what you think.  Lastly I have to point out that their salsas are amazing and, for all of you Star Trek fans, if you replicated salsa on the Star ship Enterprise, these are the examples they base their recipes!

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