Peruvian Ceviche

Ceviche is a staple of coastal Peru. With its Japanese and Spanish heritage the Peruvians put a unique spin on their ceviche and they have mastered the art of raw fish in all forms. The ceviches we tried in Peru were all unique from Cusco to Lima. They like to use soy and lemon and build the dishes using signature staples like corn, chilis, and sweet potatoes in an incredible expression of Asian Peruvian fusion. Peruvians say to never eat ceviche past 2 PM or it’s not fresh.

Berlin Street Art Scene

An eclectic mix of international street artists make Berlin their canvas in various forms and styles. Some artists have adapted to making massed produced copies and pasting them up so that fans can collect the pieces by sponging off and pressing the peeled off graphic between sheets of paper to dry intact.  

Ait Ben Haddou – Morocco

  This iconic way station at the end of the Sahara desert guarding the entrance to Morocco just beyond the Middle Atlas Mountains. Desert nomads used the city as a refueling station and trading hub.  Protection was given in return for taxes levied on the caravans traveling back and forth with their goods. The site…