Reuben Sandwich – Recipe

The Reuben is the king of the Jewish deli sandwiches. Sharp swiss cheese, mounds of sauerkraut and a tangy 1000 island dressing on rye bread, with the centerpiece of course being the glorious, homemade, peppered pastrami or corned beef brisket. To prepare; 1/3 LB of Fresh Pastrami 2-3 slices of sharp swiss cheese 3-4 Oz…

Homemade Pastrami – Recipe

Nothing beats a great Reuben or a Pastrami and swiss on rye from your favorite NYC deli or the like. Well, we are in luck because it’s that time of year again, and with current events as they are, its not bad to have some meat around with a long shelf life. Typically, I’m used to getting the corn beef at the store during St. Patty’s day some years and all that, but why not kick it up a notch and turn the cut into an amazing pastrami yourself with a few quick and easy steps, and a few extra spices. Here is how I make a pastrami at home for under $4 bucks a pound.