Secrets of Poland – Exploring Warsaw and Krakow

After Warsaw, we then went on to visit Krakow in the south. There we went to the Historical center, the Christmas markets, Oscar Schindler’s enamel factory, and the Jewish districts that were once the infamous ghettos. We took a day trip to the Wielicksa salt mine and to Auschwitz Berkenau labor camps to learn about the WWII atrocities in person. The trip was truly unforgettable and made Poland one of our favorite countries to visit yet!

Street Tacos – Recipe

The trick to making a great street taco is making all of the components.  Tacos are great because they are fast, cheap and easy, and you can go through the fridge adding anything you want making them new and interesting.  This is how you do it; lets make a 6 layer taco from the ground up;…