Street Tacos – Recipe

The trick to making a great street taco is making all of the components.  Tacos are great because they are fast, cheap and easy, and you can go through the fridge adding anything you want making them new and interesting.  This is how you do it;

lets make a 6 layer taco from the ground up;

Tortillas – get a fresh stack at your store or a local factory

Seasoned chicken, shrimp or beef, more on seasoning below;

For the accoutrements use the following garnishes;

  1.   Cilantro and Cabbage salad with lime juice
  2.   Sweet carrot shavings
  3.   Onion, minced and pickled in sugar and red vinegar.
  4.   Oaxaca mexican cheese, crumbled and mixed with cilantro.

Salsa of choice, try my red, avocado, or tomatillo recipes and let me know what you think!

Allow about 6 tacos per half lb of meat, bulk it up with more onions in a pinch;)

For the meat, take about a half pound of meat, shrimp, or fish of choice and season with a quick Mexican blend of spices as follows;

  1. cumin
  2. onion powder
  3. garlic powder
  4. chili powder
  5. paprika
  6. black pepper
  7. salt


Mince an onion and saute on high heat until translucent with a splash or three of oil, (I use avocado oil currently but any mild oils work well),  add the seasoned meat and stir it on high.  Turn it off after the meat finishes cooking and salt to taste.


remove from the heat and turn out onto your bowl for serving or plating.

To assemble the taco

Heat the tortillas in a pan until hot and crispy throughout and pile them up for assembly and plating.


Take the tortillas and put 3 or 4 to a plate, can double them up if small or if flimsy and falling apart.

Top each with the meat, then the pickled onions and cilantro cabbage salad. Add the carrot and top with salsa of choice. garnish with lime wedges.

Serve immediately and wait for the compliments to roll in! Enjoy!




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  1. thanks to the author for taking his clock time on this one.


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